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Think Plastics has plans to establish satellite facilities across Canada, the United States, and possibly into Europe. Demand for similar recycling and manufacturing plants is high – disposal of agricultural films is a global problem. Contact Think Plastics directly for further information. Think Plastics is also experimenting with other “non-recyclable” agricultural plastics with the goal of expanding its collection program and its finished product line. These include bunker tarp, polypropylene twine, seedling trays, and pesticide containers. The company has also been successful in recycling boat wrap on a trial basis.

The secret to the recycling success of each of these however, rests in the manufacture of an appropriate finished product – one which fits the make-up of the raw material. As an example, some companies currently used recycled pop bottles to make composite lumber. “Composite” lumber contains a mixture of plastic and wood. Common sense tells us that a raw material NOT meant to be outdoors under extreme temperature fluctuations should NOT be used in a finished product that is promoted for outdoor use.

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