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Landfill diversion

Leaving plastics in the field poses risks to livestock, creates mosquito breeding habitat, and is an ugly detriment to tourism. In landfill, the bulky material will not decompose for years, it takes up valuable land space, and it blows around and becomes entangled in equipment and in nearby natural areas like creeks and forests. Many transfer stations will not accept the material. Others charge high tipping fees. Thanks to Think Plastics Inc., there is now a viable and responsible environmental alternative.

Many transfer stations within a 200-mile radius of Think Plastics’ New Hamburg, Ontario facility are collecting scrap bale wrap and have waived tipping fees for farmers. Farmers are simply required to shake the wrap to remove major clumps of dirt and stones, then cut one bale at a time and roll the material into 3 lb to 5 lb balls. The material is then transported to Think Plastics' facility for processing. Due to Think Plastics' initiatives, millions of kilograms of balewrap have been diverted from landfill sites over the past ten years. Check with your local transfer station or with Think Plastics for drop-off facilities in your area.

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