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Reducing the environmental impact

According to Statscan Census 2001, there are 59,728 farms in Ontario covering 4.5-million acres. There are 2.3-million cattle and calves on 34,000 farms – more than 20% of those in Central Ontario. 
Cattle and dairy operations purchase the most agricultural bale wrap; in 2000 alone it’s estimated that 3-million pounds of white polyethylene (PE) plastic was used in Ontario to wrap forage. Census figures also show that Ontario nurseries use 49-million square feet of plastic for greenhouses. Approximately 75% of the province’s 2,012 nursery operators are located in central and southwestern Ontario.

Until Think Plastics began its collection and recycling program, the polyethylene films were used once, then land filled or burned. As of September 2008, the company had collected almost 2-million pounds – or 900 tonnes – of scrap PE from within a 200-mile radius of its New Hamburg, Ontario plant.
 Imagine two entire football fields stuffed with plastic film piled four-feet high. Imagine that plastic in the landfill. Imagine it being burned. That’s what would be happening without our program.

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